Stormin' Bob Swanson

Author: Stormin Bob Swanson

Cinco de Mayo

In celebration of the holiday, my dad used to like to go to the grocery store, line up five jars of mayonnaise, take a picture, print it out in a card and send it along to me. My dad and I have no Mexican heritage (that I know of), just a shared love of puns. […]

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He’s safe!

baseball uniform

The infield dirt and baseline chalk have washed out, and his powder-blue uniform looks good as new . . . . It’s taken me a couple of days to process the events of Tuesday evening so that I could write about them with less emotion and more objectivity. Not being about songwriting or my science […]

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I Love Lucy

Lucy on dog bed

Songwriters are always looking for inspiration, and funny song-writers (like me) tend to look for weird events or funny stories to get the creative juices flowing. You might recall from my last blog post that I have an unreleased song about a fictional dog named Blue. Well, between that blog post and this one, we […]

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A New Start

It’s a new year and my website has a new look. Many thanks go to Joshua Ballard (Ballard Computing) and the Mississippi Arts Commission for making the transformation possible. This project is supported by funding from the Mississippi Arts Commission, a state agency. My hope for the website is that it will be a place […]

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