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Merch madness

Now that my “Dive into Science” tour is underway (two of my boys and I will be heading for Eupora when I finish this post), wanted to mention some of the merchandise I’m selling this summer. Because of the summer reading program’s marine theme (“Oceans of Possibilities”), the merch table is looking a little bit […]

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Just under the surface

Each summer I try to offer a slightly different show to go along with the summer reading program theme of the year. For example, in 2018 I played my “Music & Meteorology” program to go along with the “Libraries Rock!” summer reading theme. In 2019, I presented an “Out of this World” astronomy show to […]

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The Not-so-little Drummer Boy

Ever wonder what this “singing weatherman” does when I’m not doing Summer Reading Program performances? I teach — in fact, I just wrapped up my fall semester which included teaching a synchronous online Physical Science II course (conceptual chemistry, with a smidge of geology, meteorology and astronomy mixed in) and two online sections of Descriptive […]

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