Stormin' Bob Swanson

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An itch I gotta scratch

Like any other creative person, I go through periods when my artistic juices are flowing as well as “molasses moments.” Starting with writing a new tune (“Punderwater”) and reworking an existing tune (“The Weather Wiggle” as “The Tropical Twist”) for my “Dive into Science” tour this summer, the past few months have been one of […]

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The Other Fab Four — Next Generation

I started playing music a little later than the average bear. Apart from singing in church and two years of trumpet during my 5th and 6th grade years, I never really had much in the way of music instruction or inspiration during my childhood. It wasn’t until college that I got more involved in the […]

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Hot New Video!

Check out this new video to the classic tune, “The Tongue Twister Weather Song.” See if you can figure out which set of lips matches which member of the Swanson family. Kudos to my wife, Meredith, for directorial inspiration. I was inspired to write the song because of a weather station that I borrowed (on […]

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