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A stroll down amnesia lane

I’ve been at this “Singing Weatherman” business a while. Over the weekend, I came across footage of a performance I did at the “Pickin’ Porch” 19 years ago (original broadcast date was 10/28/2004).

The “Pickin’ Porch” was a concert series hosted by the Birthplace of Country Music Museum (back then it was located in the Bristol Mall in Bristol, VA). The show was hosted by my bluegrass buddy, Tim White (you can catch Tim’s more recent project, “Song of the Mountains,” on PBS stations nationwide), and video was courtesy of my friend Wes Leonard.

I may look a bit older now, but I still have a passion for sharing music and science with audiences (I like to think I’ve become a better musician and songwriter over the years as well). I’m already booking shows for next summer — make sure to pass my name along to your local librarian and maybe I’ll make a stop in your town.

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