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Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

In my childhood, when I was going to attend a birthday party or spend a night at a friend’s house, my mother would remind me that, “Good guests get invited back.”

Science is so magical! Weather week at Sudduth Elementary Summer Camp, July 2022

As I continue to plan for this summer’s tour, I’m always thrilled when I get a request from a library I’ve been to in the past (many times just the year before). Not only does that tell me I behaved well enough to be invited back, but also that the librarian and patrons enjoyed my show enough to want to see me again.

Of course, I always try to bring something new and keep things fresh. This year, the Summer Reading Program theme is “All Together Now,” focusing on kindness/friendship/unity. It also makes me think of interconnectedness, so I’m planning to feature some songs and demonstrations that involve connections in nature (the water cycle, the rock cycle, life cycle of stars, etc.). My show this year will be called “Song Cycles with Stormin’ Bob Swanson.”

I kicked off Amory’s 2022 Summer Reading Program with “Dive Into Science.” I’ll be back to kick things off again on June 1, 2023. Photos courtesy Daniel Swanson.

It’s not too late to welcome me back or welcome me for the first time. Let your librarian friends know that fill out my contact form or contact me directly to book a show. My list of current tour stops can be found here.

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