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Cinco de Mayo

In celebration of the holiday, my dad used to like to go to the grocery store, line up five jars of mayonnaise, take a picture, print it out in a card and send it along to me. My dad and I have no Mexican heritage (that I know of), just a shared love of puns.

I was thinking of my dad today (he passed away nearly a year ago), as I played a day of shows (virtually) for Joyner Elementary in Tupelo, MS. I did grade-level programs about weather as well as some professional development sessions about including music in science education. One song that I included in the teacher session was “Why Don’t Dogwood Trees Ever Get Fleas?” That was a title that my dad gave me years ago, and I turned it into a song (chock full of puns) about kid’s curiosity and scientific inquiry.

Speaking of kids, my boys love “Cinco de Mayo” too. That is to say, they love the song, “Cinco de Mayo,” from the Brave Combo CD, “Holidays.” The leader of the band, Carl Finch, was nice enough to send a signed copy to my middle son as a Christmas present this year.

As with much of Brave Combo’s music, it’s not enough to just listen — you can’t help but “Dance, Dance, Dance.”


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