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Roll up, roll up for the meteorology tour

Every summer I try to align my show with the theme of the Summer Reading Program. This year, most libraries are going with the theme, “Adventure Begins at Your Library,” or something along those lines. That’s a pretty broad theme and allows me a fair amount of artistic license.

2024 tour flyer designed by Daniel Swanson

My plan is to present my “Magical Musical Meteorology Tour” — weaving my weather songs in with science demonstrations that will look like magic to the audience. Of course, the great part about being a science teacher, rather than a professional magician, is that I can reveal the scientific reasons behind the “tricks.”

In addition to some new demos I’ve not performed before, I’m also working on a new song that (hopefully) will start the show. I’m writing it to be played on my banjo — it’s tentatively titled, “Highs and Lows.”

There will be plenty of chances to hear that song and see the whole show — I’m playing 7 shows in 4 days the first week. Keep an eye on my tour schedule to see when I’m coming to your town.

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