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Like father like sons

This month marks 20 years since the release of my CD, “Do the Weather Wiggle with Stormin’ Bob Swanson.” My eldest son, Daniel, is currently working on a documentary film about my “singing weatherman” career. This means we have been going through a lot of old photos, videos, etc.

This stroll down amnesia lane takes me all the way back to my first stage performance — appearing as “Wild Cat Willie” in a 5th/6th grade school musical, “Ghost Towns Never Die.”

I’m pleased to say that the acting/performing gene has been passed along to the next generation. My youngest son, Henry, was just cast as The Prince in his school’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” My middle son, Nate, not only plays drums with me, but he is part of the front line (xylophone/glockenspiel) for Starkville Indoor Percussion. And of course Daniel is more than a filmmaker — he’s also great in front of the camera and on the stage. He’ll soon be trying out for Starkville High School’s spring musical, “All Shook Up.”

Of course, when they are not involved in their own performing arts pursuits, they help out at my “Stormin’ Swanson” shows. I’m still putting together my schedule for this summer. This summer’s show will be called “The Magical Musical Meteorology Tour.” If your local library is not a tour stop yet, have your librarian contact me.

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