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What could be better on Father’s Day than to post a video of the first live public performance of our family band, Henry & The Dynamite? While the video features two of my sons, Nate (drums) and Henry (lead vocals & keyboard), I also want to thank my eldest son, Daniel, for drawing our band logo and designing the show poster. I’m a lucky dad to have such talented kids . . . .

I’m halfway through my summer tour and will be on the road again next week — 5 shows over 3 days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). I should mention that another artistic project is in the works. Daniel has been shooting footage of my shows (plus doing some interviews) with an eye toward putting together a documentary film about my “Singing Weatherman” career. Make sure to smile when you come to one of my shows — you might wind up on the big screen!


  1. Thanks for sharing! There just has to be a “Singing Weatherman” documentary.