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Last winter, if you recall, I built a backyard shed during my holiday break. My plan this winter has been to take care of another honey-do project that has been hanging over my head since last summer — my wife and I have wanted to paint the exterior of our house.

Unfortunately, a bout with COVID and a cold snap in December prevented me from making any progress during holiday break. I’ve only been able to paint when passable weather has fallen on my weekends during January and February.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. The project is nearly complete save for the nerve-wracking ends of the house — above the garage and high in the gable on the fig-tree side. And not a moment too soon . . . baseball season here in Starkville is underway.

I probably could have gotten more done this past Sunday, but my boys and I were given the chance to see our MSU Diamond Dawgs take on Arizona State on a perfect baseball afternoon (mid-70s with some cloud cover). Paint the house vs watch a ballgame at the Dude with my boys? Decisions don’t get much easier — the paint can wait . . . Hail State!

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