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I pick, therefore I grin

picking and grinning tshirt

I’ve been doing a lot of picking this summer. Some of my picking will come to an end in a week or so, some more picking will end at the end of September, but I hope that some of my other picking goes on for years and years. Let me explain . . .

Part of Stormin’ Bob’s fig harvest this summer.

When my family and I moved to Starkville in August 2019, we were pleased to find two fig trees growing right next to the house. The past two summers, these trees have produced far more than we can consume so we’ve been in the fig business. The harvest this year has again been healthy — picking figs has kept me busy this summer, along with teaching online classes and playing virtual and in-person “Sky Stories” programs.

While fig season is winding down along with summer reading programs (I was just booked to play “Bright Lights, Belhaven Nights” — check my performance schedule), I’ll continue to pick (musically) for the next two months. In mid-July, I auditioned for Starkville Community Theater’s production of “Smoke on the Mountain” and was lucky enough to land the role of Pastor Oglethorpe. So, between now and late September, I’ll be learning and ton of new music for the show. I enjoy the challenge of learning new material and being forced out of the comfort zone of playing songs I already know.

If you couldn’t catch me this summer and can’t come to the play, keep me in mind so that I can come to your school, library or community group next summer. Pass along my contact information ( to your favorite librarian or have them reach out to me via my contact form.